Doula Services

Establish Breastfeeding at First Latch 

Successful breastfeeding begins at birth - baby's first latch is her first milestone! 

In the model of F&P - women serving women, one woman at a time - we believe in helping a woman have the labor and birth that she desires, whatever that may be.  

Our Birth & Doula services provide laboring women and their husbands with the emotional, physical and informational support they need before, during and after the birth of their baby.

According to multiple accredited research studies, doula supported births are shorter, less painful, and result in less c-sections, vacuum and forceps deliveries. Mothers with doulas have higher breastfeeding rates and report better birth and postpartum experiences over all.

Doulas support the mother and help the father and any others present to do the same.

"Lina was an integral part of the birth team who gave me world-class care before, during, and after labor. I had the wonderful, natural childbirth I wanted. "  - Sierra

Birth and Doula Services: $1500
     *one prenatal appointment to discuss birth wishes, comfort measures, etc
     *assistance in researching any questions that arise during prenatal provider visits
     *24/7 on call status and phone support, beginning at 38 weeks
     *continuous presence during active labor, birth and following
     *assistance with establishing breastfeeding
     *one home visit during first two weeks postpartum

$500 retainer fee due during first prenatal visit.  

Remaining balance due by 36 weeks.

Additional fee for travel outside a 20 mile radius from Bowie may apply.

Please inquire about available discounts and payment options.

Mothering the Mother

The first weeks and even months home with a new baby are a beautiful, but often challenging time.  It is a quiet and reverent time - full of much joy and very little sleep - when the new family gets to know their newest member.  Traditionally, family and close friends come to help with household matters and meals. However, in a society where we increasingly find ourselves far away from those support structures, there is a hole to be filled in the life of a family with a new little one.

Continuing in the model of woman to woman service of F&P, we believe that mothers in their "babymoon" deserve a special level of support, care and encouragement.  Our Postpartum Doula Services are here to help mothers with physical, emotional, breastfeeding and informational support in this important time.  

Postpartum doulas support the new mother, and her family, as life adjusts to a new baby and make sure that the mother is still taking care of herself as well. 

"Following my delivery, Lina answered my questions about recovery and baby care.  She helped with everything from holding the baby to making me a cup of tea. She truly made me feel cared for and she would not allow me to overextend myself. She made me feel ok about taking it easy and just relaxing. It was exactly what I needed. She taught me how to use a baby carrier and because of that lesson I now enjoy babywearing often!  I can't thank Lina enough for her help and kindness."  - Ellie

Postpartum Doula Services: $35/hr

     *help with recovery from the work of labour
     *sharing and processing of your birth story
     *help with nutrition and healthy habits for mother and baby after birth
     *certified lactation support
     *newborn care support
     *help with older siblings
     *information surrounding other postpartum issues as they arise
     *light housework, meals, and errands

8 hour minimum of service required.

Rate for evening may vary.

Additional fee for travel outside a 15 mile radius from Bowie may apply.