Breastfeeding Services

At F&P Birth and Breastfeeding Services, we believe that breastfeeding is the normal and natural way to both feed and nourish infants.  We believe that babies are born to breastfeed and mothers have a natural intuition about how to do so. And, we believe that beginning that breastfeeding relationship from the very first latch is important for both a mother and her baby.

However, we also believe that a mother and baby may need some help along the way. No matter where she is in her breastfeeding journey, seeking support and assistance is the first step in a mother's ability to develop confidence in her own ability to mother her child through a nursing relationship.

Individual Breastfeeding Counseling

During a consultation, we will sit down with you and your baby and any other part of your support team to review and discuss your current concerns and obstacles to a successful and happy breastfeeding relationship.   Together, we can help you to find the information you need to make the right decisions about breastfeeding your baby.

While F&P Birth and Breastfeeding Services does not provide medical services, we are happy to refer you to pro-breastfeeding medical professionals in Bowie, Crofton, Annapolis, or elsewhere in the DC Metro and Baltimore area should the need arise.

Two Hour Private Session: $130
           *your home
           *a time convenient for you and baby

One Hour Phone Consultation: $40
           *perfect for quick questions such as supply, tandem nursing, pumping and the like
           *not for newborns, latch issues, or nipple pain; in person consult required

"This community is so lucky to have you here. I truly don't know what I would have done if I didn't have someone I could trust to talk to about Michael's issues.  Just knowing I could talk to you without feeling as if I should already know everything about nursing is what made me turn to you. - Theresa M

Breastfeeding 101 AnteNatal Course

Many mothers read and prepare for the long weeks of pregnancy and approaching labor and delivery.  However, many assume that because breastfeeding is the normal way to feed your child, it will simply "happen" in the same way.  While this is certainly true for many mothers, breastfeeding is actually a learned behavior and it has a learning curve for both mother and baby.  Taking a breastfeeding class before you begin nursing will help you navigate that learning curve more easily and help you to teach your baby all he needs to know as well.

In our Breastfeeding 101 course, we will cover the basics of good latch and positioning to ensure a pain-free breastfeeding experience in which the baby is able to take in the right amount of milk; we will discuss some of the most common pitfalls in the early weeks of breastfeeding including avoiding clogged ducts, establishing a good supply, how to tell if baby is getting enough milk, reading baby's cues for feeding and creating a good start to breastfeeding at birth.  In addition, we will cover returning to work while breastfeeding, the dangers of unnecessary supplementing and the long term benefits of mothers' milk, as well as weaning.

"Thank you so much Lina, for all of your help during Baby C's 3 week stay in the NICU! Your knowledge of establishing a milk supply, encouragement for continuing to pump, and your overall support during such an emotional time will always be appreciated. You will be happy to know that the final push to get my daughter out of the NICU and home was my ability to successfully breastfeeding her... - Sara M

*New* Breastfeeding for Working Mothers Course

Mother and baby have successfully navigated the first important weeks of their breastfeeding relationship.  Nipple soreness, latching, feeding routines and possibly more have all been overcome, together.  Now, Mama must return to work and faces a new challenge - providing breastmilk for her little one while she is away and maintaining that precious nursing relationship whenever they are together.  

In our Breastfeeding for Working Mothers course, we will cover all that a new mother needs to know about how to continue to breastfeed and provide breastmilk for her baby when she returns to work outside the home.  We will cover pump options, how to pump, when to begin pumping and how to maintain a good supply while pumping when away from the baby.  We will also discuss how bottle feeding the breastfed baby differs from formula feeding, so that mothers can ensure their caregivers support and do not undermine the breastfeeding relationship.  In addition, we will cover the first days back at work, practicing going back, and what pumping accessories can make a newly lactating and working mother's life a little easier.

Visit Jessica Shortall's site, author Work, Pump, Repeat, for an interview with Lina Martin about serving working and breastfeeding mothers.

All classes are 3-4 hours in length.  Ante-natal course includes a 2 hour postpartum breastfeeding evaluation and consultation.

Private Class (in your home): $100