About Lina

Since 2008, from California to Fort Bragg and now to the DC Metro area, Lina has mothered and nursed five little ones. While she has had her own ups and downs with breastfeeding her four sons and daughter, her nursing relationship with each one has been a source of quiet joy and great satisfaction for her as a mother and as a woman.

Inspired by her own mother who had ever spoken fondly of nursing both her daughters until her return to work, Lina always knew that nursing was “the plan.” It was what her mother had done, and so it was what she would do. However, when she realized that not all new mothers had that support system, nor access to the excellent prenatal breastfeeding information that she herself had received, she decided to pursue lactation counseling, and additionally, labor support.

Sharing her love of breastfeeding, and its many joys and physical benefits for both mothers and their babies, with other women quickly became a passion and vocation.  From that came an interest and desire to support mothers during their journey from their very first latch.

And so, F&P Birth and Breastfeeding Services was born.

About F&P

In the 200s, a woman named Felicity lived in Rome. Along with her employer and friend Perpetua, herself a nursing mother, Felicity was imprisoned for her beliefs while she was pregnant. With her friend’s help, Felicity birthed and nursed her infant son in jail until both she and Perpetua were put to death by the Roman Empire.

The story of these two women – united in faith, purpose and breastfeeding their children – is the inspiration for F&P Birth and Breastfeeding Services.

We hope to emulate the model of service that Felicity gave to Perpetua; we hope to share the drive and conviction that these women showed in the face of social obstacles with the women that we serve.